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When you bring us your recreational grow, or your store bought bud we will make sure to get the best extraction we can from your cannabis flower.

“The Mobile Rosin Pressing Service”

It is important to note that Rosin YYC does not sell any cannabis products!
What we do is take your legal cannabis flower and using our mobile heated hydraulic press with 6 tons of pressure, we extract all the cannabis flowers essential oils and goodness. We do not use any solvents, leaving you with the cleanest and purest Rosin Extract you can get.
We Provide a Service! We do Not Sell Cannabis


$25 / 28g
  • Low Temp Extraction
  • Silicone Container
  • Collection Service


$40 / 28g
  • Low Temp Extraction
  • Free Silicone Container
  • Collection Service

Our Recent Presses!

Their is nothing like the fresh taste of your home grown cannabis!
look at the recent presses and smiling faces we left our customers with.


Rosin refers to an extraction process that utilizes a combination of heat and pressure to nearly instantaneously squeeze resinous sap from your initial starting material. The term “rosin” originated as a method of making a product used to create friction with violin bows. With cannabis, this method is incredibly versatile in that it can either be used with flowers or to clean up hash and kief into a full-melt hash oil. The result is a translucent, sappy, and sometimes shatter-like product. If executed correctly, rosin can rival the flavor, potency, and yield of other solvent-based extraction products.

The amount of rosin you can expect from flower cannabis can vary drastically from growers to strains, and more.  typically you could expect to see about 4-8g for every OZ of properly cured and dried cannabis. Growers can optimize their crops for rosin by researching various techniques and by harvesting and drying differently.

RH% refers to the relative humidity of the cannabis flower. for best results we recommend to have a RH in a jar of cannabis about 50-65% RH Boveda packs are a great way of hydrating store bought cannabis to proper levels. Also a piece of bread could be used overnight. 

If Cannabis is to dry it will not yield good results. if we are unsure of you flower we can always do a 1g sample press to see if you would like to proceed.

Live Rosin refers to a method where the harvest is frozen first and processed into dry sift, usually with a dry ice extraction method. The resulting extract is allowed to dry and then is pressed through a very fine micron filter bag.

This is a delicate process and not one you want to make mistakes on, best leave it to us the pros.

NO! never, ever!

If you ask us we will cease all business with you.  We only provide a service where we rent out our mobile service and technician to extract Rosin from your own supply of Cannabis. Maximum processing of 30g per customer, Unless prescribed.

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