is rosin?

When you hear the word “Rosin” many people think, “they meant resin right?” It is an odd word, but what it mainly means is how the product was made, and that is very important to you! Or well it should be!.

Rosin is the cleanest way to enjoy extract oils. the Rosin process involves using incredible pressures and some heat to force resinous sap out of your plant matter. The results are amazing, you are left with a clear amber full spectrum extract that in some opinions is the pinnacle of cannabis extracts.

Don’t be fooled any other product is created with the use of dangerous solvents which should be done in a lab by scientists, but more often than not we find out the truth, Butane, Propane, and CO2 are the main other chemicals used to extract THC from the plants and more than not all the terpenes and additional flavorings are added to the products to make them taste better. Rosin does not need this, a nicely grown and cured cannabis will have its own natural flavors that just beg to be released in the rosin process

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